Welcome to the kellylab page!

Our motto is "mapping for a changing California", and we use a range of mapping techniques - remote sensing, object-based image analysis, geospatial modeling, lidar analysis, participatory mapping, web visualization, and field-based monitoring - to answer applied questions about how and why California landscapes are changing, and what that means for the people who live on, derive sustenance from, and manage them. Here you will find information on people in our lab, our projects, and some connections to other groups and sites of interest. For more on geospatial technology on campus and around the state, check out the geospatial innovation facility (GIF), and the ANR Statewide Program on Informatics and GIS (IGIS). Enjoy, connect on twitter @nmaggikelly, check out the blog, and stay in touch.


Welcome to Fall 2016!

Fall semester is almost upon us! Summer 2016 began with an amazing trip to Japan for the Japanese Geophysical Union conference in Tokyo. It was a terrific time, and I ran into Karin Tuxen-Bettman and crew at the conference. Tokyo was a blast. Lots of walking, eating fish, exploring. 

This summer we said goodbye to one stalwart and much loved Kellylabber: Alice Kelly has moved to DC to start her career in the USGS as a Presidential Fellow.  Her NSF postdoc project "Sustainability and Safety in the Pacific West's National Parks," has been a success, and we will all miss her wisdom, humor and view on the world. Christina has been in Kenya exploring PhD field options, and we wish her a speedy return. Marcelo continues to work on his Landsat comparison between California and Brazil; Stefania will be working on our new carbon accounting project; Jenny is focusing on our gelling spatial data science concepts and on land use change in National Parks; Kelly continues her work on the VTM project and broad-scale drivers of vegetation change; and Proxima will be back finishing up our ANR Dark Data project.  Looking forward to the semester!

Welcome back to Berkeley!